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Feb 27 2011

Garden tour

Cape Cod is, like many places I suppose, a study in contrasts. Locals and summer people; beach shacks and trophy homes; and then there are the gardens. Every year there’s a fundraiser for the Provincetown art museum that is a tour of the hidden gardens of P-town. They are spectacular, even the little pocket gardens …

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Oct 04 2010

One final preview…

As I’ve mentioned before, I can get a little obsessive taking pictures of crashing surf. Thousands of frames and bazillions of electrons later, it all starts to look mind-numbingly the same. Except this one.

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Sep 30 2010

Morning mist

I can’t believe I hadn’t posted this image much earlier, so here I am making up for lost time. This was taken on one of those impossibly beautiful mornings on Cape Cod, when the light is rosy-gold and the air is as clear — and almost as tangible — as fine crystal. On those days …

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Sep 23 2010


I’ve spent the past few weeks neglecting cyberspace and making actual prints of photos for my upcoming show in Seattle. Now that that’s done, it’s time to post about the images that will be part of the show. (To see the ones I’ve already blogged about, click on “Avanti” in the tag cloud.) This photo …

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May 13 2010

Life’s a beach

Stop me if you’ve heard this: Photoshop isn’t going to make a bad photo better. It can make a good one sing, though, and there are quite a few techniques I have yet to master. So from time to time I go back to an old image and use it as a practice tool. And …

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