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Jan 02 2011

Hoodoo/Poipu – take 2

A year ago I was tinkering with an image that juxtaposed rock formations from Bryce Canyon in Utah and the lithified cliffs on Kauai. It was an interesting concept but needed some work, to put it mildly. Well, after having had a year to ponder what would improve the image, I was back on Kauai …

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Aug 31 2010


From the orderliness of a manicured garden to the breathtaking beauty of unkempt places. Driving along a country road in Tuscany this past summer, we pulled off to see if we could get into what appeared to be an old abandoned abbey. It turned out to be private property, but at least the driveway offered …

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Jun 22 2010

Rock and roll

Since I’ve dipped back into the photos from last year’s trip to the southwest, I might as well stay with that for a bit (even though the sun has finally come out in Seattle – yay!) This picture was taken on the road between Zion and Bryce national parks. As gorgeous as Zion is, the …

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Jun 21 2010

Still winter?

By this time of year, I would have expected to have a whole raft of new sundrenched photos. Instead it feels more like Groundhog Day here, with temperatures hovering at a balmy 55 degrees. It’s June, people, the summer solstice — what’s going on here? So I’ve gone back to the well for something that …

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Jan 08 2010

Somewhere over the …

But instead of Judy Garland, think Iz Kamakawiwo’ole. This is another shot taken on our last day on Kauai, the last day of 2009. The day started out sunny and warm: at lunchtime, it was 86 degrees at Hanalei Bay. (oh, yeah.) The waves were big (12-18 ft.) and the surfers were out in force. Two hours later, …

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