Tag: reflection

Jul 26 2011

You’re getting warmer

I’m increasingly drawn to creating abstract images. Not only are they interesting in their own right, but moving away from representational work allows me to be a little freer with artistic interpretation as well. The image below is a reflection of a retaining wall on the surface of Lake Washington.

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Jul 12 2011

Split-level house

Sometimes I feel like a magpie – I just can’t resist shiny things. Rather than take them back to my nest, though, I’ll circle round and look for interesting reflections. In the universe of shiny things, brand new clean cars (in dark colors) are among the best. The curved surfaces provide endless distortions; glass and …

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May 31 2011

Winter into spring

I’ve been making a more concerted effort to take my camera out closer to home. Now I have to process all those pix! Oh, such problems… Anyway, the other day I was out wandering and realized I had taken another photo from the same spot at the opposite time of year.

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Sep 29 2010

Looking into the pond

There’s a pond at one end of the Beech Forest trail in the Province Lands on Cape Cod. On a short bridge beneath some overhanging trees you can stand and look out past the lily pads at a serene, almost glassy pool. That’s actually as far as I got along the trail, because it was …

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Jul 01 2010

Here’s looking at you…

I took this photo a year ago at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and I’ve been working on it, on and off, since then. There’s a lovely little pond near the beginning of the trails — you can usually spot green frogs or turtles among the lily pads that line the near edge. The pond …

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