Tag: Provincetown

Feb 27 2011

Garden tour

Cape Cod is, like many places I suppose, a study in contrasts. Locals and summer people; beach shacks and trophy homes; and then there are the gardens. Every year there’s a fundraiser for the Provincetown art museum that is a tour of the hidden gardens of P-town. They are spectacular, even the little pocket gardens …

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Sep 29 2010

Looking into the pond

There’s a pond at one end of the Beech Forest trail in the Province Lands on Cape Cod. On a short bridge beneath some overhanging trees you can stand and look out past the lily pads at a serene, almost glassy pool. That’s actually as far as I got along the trail, because it was …

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Aug 29 2010

Sharper than a serpent’s tooth

Sometimes the best way to learn how to use a new technique is to deliberately abuse it, push it just a little too far so you can see what’s really going on. Even though subtlety may be the end goal, by its very nature subtlety conceals the effect, making it a less than optimal learning …

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Aug 12 2009

The magic of light

Have you had a chance to notice the header image?  If not, take a minute right now and look at it; I’ll wait. I took those two photos just seconds apart, standing on the tide flats in Provincetown watching the tide come in around my ankles.  So why is one light and one dark?  A …

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Jul 30 2009

Bubala's by the Bay

This was definitely not the photo I was planning to post next (possibly not ever), but after hearing an NPR story this morning about a series of murder mysteries set in Provincetown, I had to do it. If you haven’t been to Provincetown, listen to this NPR piece and you will feel like you’ve been …

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