Tag: France

Jun 18 2012

And the bush burned unconsumed

Moments before dawn in the French countryside. The ground still frozen, not yet touched by the ball of fire that will soon ascend over the horizon. In this frozen moment, the fire itself seems to emanate from a leafless tree, conjuring primal memories of another tree in a desert, and an encounter with a force …

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May 29 2012

Tide flats

Tide flats – where earth, sky, and water meet. The ocean echoes the color of the sky as it paints lines across the sand. This series comprises four variations of the same image. I’m working on the first one as a stand-alone. (It will definitely require several test prints to get the tones just right.) …

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Apr 03 2012

Le chanson des vieilles amantes

There’s something magical about these two trees, off by themselves in a field in the French countryside. It was late February, and the ground was frosty in the early morning. The pale light washed out most of the color that would be apparent later in the day, so I ran with that and took this …

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