Tag: architecture

Jul 12 2011

Split-level house

Sometimes I feel like a magpie – I just can’t resist shiny things. Rather than take them back to my nest, though, I’ll circle round and look for interesting reflections. In the universe of shiny things, brand new clean cars (in dark colors) are among the best. The curved surfaces provide endless distortions; glass and …

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Aug 10 2010

Color and design

It appears I hit the jackpot with last year’s trip to Las Vegas. I’ve already had one photo from there accepted into a juried show, and now I’m pleased to announce a second image has been similarly recognized. I’m especially excited about this because the juror is an assistant curator at SFMOMA! An Exploration in …

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Dec 16 2009


Las Vegas’ long-awaited City Center complex opens tomorrow. It’s a massive development in the heart of the strip, home to several hotels, casinos, and condos with some of the most dramatic architecture around — although when we were there last spring, most of the drama was centered around the financing. It’s hard to describe the sheer …

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