May 09 2011

You go, girl!

I’m trying to make a concerted effort to take my camera out and about even when I’m not traveling. (If for no other reason than I’ve committed to produce 30 images in 30 days for a show in June at Avanti Art & Design, which means I have a lot of work to do this month!)

So I wandered down to the Pike Place Market over the weekend, thinking there’s always plenty of visual interest there. With so much happening at street level – this weekend it was dozens of flower sellers getting ready for Mother’s Day – I often forget to cast a glance skyward. I’m really glad I looked up, because there was this fabulous person* on the balcony:

*Yes, she’s a mannequin, and I cleaned her up a little bit to hide the seam where her arm is joined to her torso. I still think she’s fabulous.

What'cha think?

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