Jun 02 2011

Round and round

I’ve been having fun getting ready for the 30/30 Show opening June 10. It was a challenge to create 30 new works in 30 days (give or take), even if they’re each only 4 inches square.

Of course, coming up with 30 worthwhile images was only the first hurdle. It’s up to me to arrange these rather diverse images in some relatively pleasing order. This would be easier if I had a signature thing that I photograph, but give me a camera and I’m like a pointer with ADD. (Look, there’s a squirrel!) One day I’m shooting close-ups of flowers and the next I’m at the Museum of Flight looking for interesting angles and abstractions.

So imagine what a great surprise it was to find this felicitous sequence of images. The first is the nosecone of a plane. (I think it might actually be a MiG fighter – what with that ADD thing I neglected to take good notes of every pic.) The second is an old Pratt & Whitney airplane engine. (What, you want more details than that? This is art, not engineering.) On both of these I extracted the part I was interested in and filled the rest of the frame with black.

The third is a composite image of a lupine, shot from above. The flower spike is so tall that it defied the usual (shallow) depth of field that I like to use when shooting flowers. Instead I merged two images, one focused on the tip and one focused on the top tier of petals.


    • Nena Peltin on 9 June 2011 at 9:16 am

    Really pretty, Shelly! I especially love the aster (is that a kind of aster?). Fondly,

  1. Actually, it’s a lupine. I did a little work in Photoshop to get more of it in focus, so it no longer looks like a tall spiky flower.

    • Kate on 6 September 2011 at 11:36 pm

    I like this sequence of images! Love the detail in airplane engine and the soft focus on the lupine.

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