Feb 27 2011

Garden tour

Cape Cod is, like many places I suppose, a study in contrasts. Locals and summer people; beach shacks and trophy homes; and then there are the gardens.

Every year there’s a fundraiser for the Provincetown art museum that is a tour of the hidden gardens of P-town. They are spectacular, even the little pocket gardens just barely big enough to turn around in. Lovely, tasteful, well-loved and -tended spaces of joy and contentment.

The hidden gardens are a far cry (yet only a few miles) from a yard that fronts on Highway 6A in North Truro. I have to admit that this yard, too, is lovingly tended, but the presentation is something altogether different. It’s a narrow band that stretches along the highway, on view to all, with the most eclectic array of plaster animals, nylon windsocks, homemade signs, flags, gewgaws of all sorts.

An assignment last summer from my sensei got me thinking about how to juxtapose these two concepts of “garden” in one image. I started working on it at the time, but never got around to finishing it ’til now, when I decided to submit it for a juried exhibit on “Contrasts.” (It’s an international exhibit and I have little hope of being accepted. It did spur me to finish the image, though.)

Click on the image below to see a larger version.

What'cha think?

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