Oct 25 2011

A long dry spell

Whew – it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything, hasn’t it? I’ve been way too busy too shoot, but even so there’s a huge backlog of raw files crying out for processing.

This image has been sitting around almost exactly a year, since my trip to Israel last November. It was taken in the ancient town of Safed, perched on a hill in the Galilee, where a Jewish mystic wrote the poem L’cha Dodi envisioning the Sabbath as a bride. Today Safed is an art colony, and also home to some rather unfortunate episodes of racial intolerance.

At the edge (literally) of town, I came upon this scene. A building unfinished – but why move the bed in before the walls go up? A demolition in progress – but where are the rest of the owner’s belongings? It haunted me. All I could think of was the word “abandoned.”

It was that word – this time as the theme of a photo competition – that spurred me to get this file out of cold storage and do something with it. Call this the beta version; I’d love to get viewer comments before I send it off.

What'cha think?

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