Aug 31 2010


From the orderliness of a manicured garden to the breathtaking beauty of unkempt places.

Driving along a country road in Tuscany this past summer, we pulled off to see if we could get into what appeared to be an old abandoned abbey. It turned out to be private property, but at least the driveway offered one of the few opportunities to get out and survey the scenery without too much risk to life and limb, what with cars whizzing past at crazy speeds. (The rarity of safe spots to pull off the road meant that I missed a lot of opportunities to take pictures; to my family’s great relief it also meant we got from one place to another a lot faster than we otherwise might have…)

There was a storm brewing — it would bring lightning and thunder later in the afternoon. Amid the Queen Anne’s lace, a little purple thistle was practically glowing in that eerie light you get before a thunderstorm. Because we were near the top of a hill, I could shoot comfortably from below without having to get down and dirty in the weeds.

I confess that I did increase the saturation of that little purple flower just a bit, but only to try to recreate what first caught my eye about the scene.

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