Jun 21 2010

Still winter?

By this time of year, I would have expected to have a whole raft of new sundrenched photos. Instead it feels more like Groundhog Day here, with temperatures hovering at a balmy 55 degrees. It’s June, people, the summer solstice — what’s going on here?

So I’ve gone back to the well for something that at least makes today’s weather feel a little warmer in comparison.

This was taken in early April last year, at the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We’d hiked down into the canyon on the Bright Angel Trail the previous afternoon and got back to the top in time to watch a white-out blizzard from the warmth of our hotel room. The next morning there was just enough snow to limn the trees and the top edges of the rocks.

Fittingly, this building is the Lookout Studio, originally built as a photography studio in 1914.

What'cha think?

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