Sep 29 2010

Looking into the pond

There’s a pond at one end of the Beech Forest trail in the Province Lands on Cape Cod. On a short bridge beneath some overhanging trees you can stand and look out past the lily pads at a serene, almost glassy pool.

That’s actually as far as I got along the trail, because it was really, really buggy. So I hung out on the bridge a while, observing.

The one upside to the bugs was that as they skimmed the water they made beautiful ripples that radiated out across the surface.

I didn’t realize just how still the water was until I looked at these pictures. Without the radiating circles, there would be no way to tell whether you were looking up at the trees or down at the water.

I tried to pick just one of these for the upcoming show but I could only narrow it down to two.

What'cha think?

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