Feb 16 2010

Ghost rider

One of the reasons I enjoy photography is that it makes me really look at what’s around me. Especially with the things we see every day, it’s easy to miss out on the details of texture or form.

On the other hand, I occasionally get so focused on one aspect of a thing that I miss other pieces of it entirely. To be fair, sometimes processing brings out parts of an image that were hard to see in “real life.”  Both of those were the case with this picture.

There’s a house at the entrance to Ballston Beach in Truro. The weather has played havoc with its shingles, creating a bit of chaos where surely all was once highly ordered. The rectangular panes of the window made a nice counterpoint to the mess of shingles. But it wasn’t until I started processing the image that I realized there was something just behind the glass: an old toy horse and rider. It turned this image into something entirely different than what I’d originally intended.

What'cha think?

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