Aug 10 2010

Color and design

It appears I hit the jackpot with last year’s trip to Las Vegas. I’ve already had one photo from there accepted into a juried show, and now I’m pleased to announce a second image has been similarly recognized.

I’m especially excited about this because the juror is an assistant curator at SFMOMA! An Exploration in Color & Design opens October 7 at the LH Horton Jr. Gallery in Stockton, CA.

If I remember correctly, this photo is a wall of the Mandarin Oriental hotel, part of the City Center complex that was still under construction at the time. Each building in City Center is more fantastic than the last, with angles and lines and contrasts that — like everything else in Las Vegas — are guaranteed to make your eyes wiggle. And, like everything else there, it’s vast.

Amid the stark perfection of what seemed like acres of blue glass was one single boarded-up window. Whether something had been broken accidentally or they needed the access for ongoing work, I have no idea. In any event, it presented a visual anchor for this photo.

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