Jan 06 2010

Bye bye, Kauai

After spending the last two weeks of 2009 on Kauai, we flew home New Year’s Eve.  As in, wheels up at 11:30pm. Which left us the whole day to enjoy the island, topped off with a scrumptious dinner at Scotty’s Beachside Grill in Kapa’a.

And beachside it really is: the back wall (all windows) rolls up like a garage door for an unobstructed view of the beach and the water.

And — on this particular once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity — a full moon shining down through the palm trees.

This would have been an easier shot if I’d had a tripod, because this exposure took 2.5 seconds (at ISO 1000). But I don’t have one, and even if I did it would have been packed away in my luggage by then.  Fortunately there were some large boulders lining a path along the beach that more or less served the purpose — although since the top of the boulder wasn’t level, the pictures I took from there were all cattywampus. This is when some surgical cropping and straightening really saves the day.

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