Oct 13 2009

Taking wing

Another shot from Wellfleet Bay… eventually I do get past the fiddler crabs to look at all the other wildlife around there.  On this particular day there was a snowy egret wading and fishing in one of the shallow pools near the bay.  When it took off and circled around, I was able to get this lovely display of white wings contrasting with the colors of the water and marsh grasses.

And the colors… having just gotten a new photo printer, I am quickly learning that what looks good on the screen does not necessarily look good on photo paper.  Or perhaps, it is that the eye gets tricked by highly saturated colors on the screen, only to find they look unnatural when printed.  So I’ve toned the saturation down on this considerably in order to get a decent print.  The subdued colors are much better than the original version.

My sensei is at this point nodding her head and saying “I told you not to oversaturate the colors.”  Yes, Jenn…


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