Sep 24 2009

Sweet summer evening

Some days, you just get lucky.  Yesterday was one.  (OK, technically, it’s autumn already, but it still feels like the waning days of summer.)  And not just because I was a guest on an incredibly beautiful yacht for a two-hour sunset cruise around Lake Washington.  Although I have to admit: that part was pretty swell.  It was a lovely mild evening.  A little bit of haze in the air created a canvas for the setting sun to paint in rose and gold.

The real luck was this picture.  When I first noticed the way the light played on the sails of this boat, the backdrop was the I-90 floating bridge.  Not terribly scenic.  We moved, it moved, and pretty soon the bridge was gone from view (or at least the viewfinder).  Honestly, it wasn’t until I got home and downloaded the photos that I realized the ghost of Mt. Rainier had taken its place.

sailboat and mountain

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