Aug 28 2009

Me and my shadow

I’m sure the reason we acquired a cormorant on the pond this summer is because Great Pond is home to plenty of fish.  The bigger ones — mostly large mouth bass — hang out at the deep end of the pond, hiding among the reeds and water lilies.  The little ones come to the shallow end (where there are still plenty of reeds and water lilies to hide among when the big scary people start being too disruptive).

There was so much rain on the Cape this year that the pond was both very high and very clear.  What’s usually dry beach was a very long stretch of sand covered by shallow warm water — a perfect place to watch the little fishies dart around.  On a  bright sunny day the shadows were quite distinct, and with the water so clear you could almost imagine this little guy is flying…


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  1. I love this shot Shelly.

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