Aug 10 2009

A slightly different angle

This summer we acquired a raft in the pond in Truro.  Not long thereafter, a young cormorant took up residence.

I figured I could get close enough to get some good pics, even without a super-long lens.  Little did I know how close: this bird is not exactly shy.  I circled the raft in a kayak, and quickly discovered that even a slight breeze is enough to make the kayak drift, which meant I had to continually adjust focus and framing.  I finally got right over to the raft, reached out with one hand to hold the kayak steady, and clicked away.  The cormorant clearly was not perturbed.

Yeah, I did get pictures of the other end of the bird, but check out those feet!  Slightly reptilian, slightly prehistoric…

cormorant feet

What'cha think?

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