Tag: Italy

Dec 15 2010

Behind the mehitza

I was on a whirlwind tour of Israel last month. It was an amazing trip, but so jam-packed there was little time for thoughtful photography. Most of the photos I brought back were snapshots. There is an idea I’ve been mulling about, though, since I visited the old Orthodox synagogue in Pitigliano, Italy, this summer.

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Aug 31 2010


From the orderliness of a manicured garden to the breathtaking beauty of unkempt places. Driving along a country road in Tuscany this past summer, we pulled off to see if we could get into what appeared to be an old abandoned abbey. It turned out to be private property, but at least the driveway offered …

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Jul 26 2010

Time to howl

The moon was full last night and I wanted to try some shots of the moonrise. As often happens, my initial plans were thwarted — and the result was something perhaps more interesting. While clouds on the horizon obscured the moment of moonrise, they created a gorgeous display later on.

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