Tag: Caribbean

Oct 27 2009

Feathered friends

I have a fondness for pelicans.  They are, not to put too fine a point on it, ridiculous-looking creatures and yet they seem always to be wearing a smile. We saw brown pelicans throughout the Caribbean, lots of them, whenever we approached a port.  They are huge birds — good flyers, but oh so ungainly …

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Oct 26 2009


As art goes, this ain’t it — but I figure when it’s raining cats and dogs outside, there’s some benefit to having a pic like this to look at.  There is a reason they sell all those postcards, after all. This was taken last December (when it was really really snowy in Seattle) on the …

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Oct 25 2009

Here comes the sun…

OK, I promised some pictures from the Caribbean, so here goes.  This one is really just a warm-up (pun intended). The island of Curacao, just off the coast of Venezuela, is part of the Netherlands Antilles (at least for the next year).  Like most of the Caribbean, Curacao’s major industry is tourism, so of course …

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Oct 15 2009

Another good day on the blog

I couldn’t resist.  WordPress.com (which hosts this blog) is having a contest to see who can come up with the most creative use of their logo. This photo (sans logo, of course) was taken on the last evening of a cruise to the Caribbean this past winter.  Which reminds me, I really need to post …

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