Jul 26 2010

Time to howl

The moon was full last night and I wanted to try some shots of the moonrise. As often happens, my initial plans were thwarted — and the result was something perhaps more interesting.

While clouds on the horizon obscured the moment of moonrise, they created a gorgeous display later on. Continue reading

Jul 12 2010

Ice fishing

The more I learn about Photoshop, and the more time I spend going back to fix things I didn’t know how to do before, the more I fear I’ll never catch up with all the images I have to edit. This one is more than three years old, from the opening of the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park.

Among the festivities that lovely, warm(!) January day was a demonstration of ice carving, resulting in an ephemeral tableau of salmon swimming up a frozen stream. Continue reading

Jul 06 2010


As I’ve mentioned before, I can’t draw (or for that matter, paint) worth a damn, which makes photography a great artistic outlet for me.

Still, there are times when I’d really like to capture the feeling of a painting. And there are times when I just want to have some fun with Photoshop. When those two things coincide, anything can happen. Continue reading

Jul 01 2010

Here’s looking at you…

I took this photo a year ago at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and I’ve been working on it, on and off, since then.

There’s a lovely little pond near the beginning of the trails — you can usually spot green frogs or turtles among the lily pads that line the near edge.

The pond is sheltered from the trails by a thick growth of bushes and trees. Off to the right, some of the trees have given up the usual vertical orientation and taken on a more relaxed attitude. Continue reading

Jun 23 2010


I know I’ve been whining about the weather. To be fair, we did have some scattered sunny days a while back, enough to get things blooming.

This is an allium, a relative of the onion. From a distance they look like big purple puffballs at the top of a tall stalk. Get close up, though, and you realize there’s a whole lot more going on there… Continue reading