Jun 18 2012

And the bush burned unconsumed

Moments before dawn in the French countryside. The ground still frozen, not yet touched by the ball of fire that will soon ascend over the horizon. In this frozen moment, the fire itself seems to emanate from a leafless tree, conjuring primal memories of another tree in a desert, and an encounter with a force beyond what is knowable.

May 29 2012

Tide flats

Tide flats – where earth, sky, and water meet. The ocean echoes the color of the sky as it paints lines across the sand.

This series comprises four variations of the same image. I’m working on the first one as a stand-alone. (It will definitely require several test prints to get the tones just right.) A slight overadjustment in Lightroom led to some interesting, if unintended, effects. So I decided to run with that and see where it would lead. The sequence still needs some fine-tuning, but I think I’m on to something…

May 03 2012

Cutting room floor

Here are the remaining images that didn’t make it into the May abstract show. Which turns out well in the long run – since they won’t be on the walls at Avanti, they can be anchor tenants at my booth at the Madrona street fair.

I decided to give all these images a more informal treatment, as opposed to matting and framing them. Instead, I varnished them with a matte coating to protect against UV and other damage, mounted them to gallery board that’s 1-1/2″ deep, and put a hanging wire on the back. A teeny bit labor intensive but fun to put together, and I think they look pretty swell. Continue reading

May 02 2012

Color and shape

I wound up preparing 16 images for the May abstract show, only to discover there would be room for at most ten of them. There was no question in my mind that the two sets of images I’d posted previously (fresnels and piano) would be part of the show. So much for my conscious effort to create bodies of work as opposed to one-off images… But there were two photos that kinda sorta could stand on their own and still work with the rest. Continue reading

Apr 30 2012

Tickled by the ivories

Here’s the next set of images that will be on display at Avanti Art & Design during the month of May. (In case you missed the first set, you can find them here.)

This was a perfect example of being in the right place at the right time and picking up the closest phone camera at hand. The clouds had cleared at just the right time and crystal clear sunlight flooded through the window and danced on the piano keys. An hour earlier or later and the angle of light would have been useless (from the piano’s point of view). I used my new macro toy for the close-ups. Continue reading