Apr 03 2012

Le chanson des vieilles amantes

There’s something magical about these two trees, off by themselves in a field in the French countryside. It was late February, and the ground was frosty in the early morning. The pale light washed out most of the color that would be apparent later in the day, so I ran with that and took this image to black and white. (It looks great printed on my new favorite paper, Moab Slickrock.)

I took many photos of that field morning, noon, and evening – and still need to work on most of them. Watching these trees from the clear dawn until the end of day, it was obvious what the title of the image should be.


    • jennifer moller on 6 April 2012 at 7:24 am

    Hi Shelly,

    Enjoying the image of the trees. Love to see the print sometime.

    -Nice work.


  1. Thanks, Jenn! I’ll try to remember to bring a print to the Cape. I’m really enjoying the metallic paper for B&W.

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