Jul 24 2011

Evolution of flight

At the Museum of Flight a couple months ago I was primarily looking for images I could use for the an upcoming show, but that didn’t stop me from photographing anything and everything else that caught my eye.

The base image here is part of the wing of a turn-of-the-last-century glider. When I looked at the photo, I was struck by the resemblance between the supporting wires and a human hand. I was even more struck when I superimposed a drawing of hand bones and they fit almost perfectly.

The bird wing is from an almost interminable series I took a couple years ago in a vain attempt to freeze the motion of a cardinal at the bird feeder. This is why, despite all the advice to the contrary, I rarely delete an image: I never know when I might actually be able to use it for something else.

After a little bit of fiddling and filtering with the wing, and many Photoshop layers later, here’s the end result.

What'cha think?

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