Jan 26 2011


As much as I want to take my photography to the next level – whatever that is! – I also can’t help getting distracted by a showy flower, especially when it’s backlit. And so it was at the conservatory the other day, during a welcome sun-break.

In the middle of a Seattle winter, the sun is pretty low even in the early afternoon – so it was at the perfect angle to shine right through the exuberant orchids; you could see every vein in every petal. I go for backlighting fairly often, so I’m used to shooting into the sun; the bigger challenge was that the orchids are all behind bars, lest someone be tempted to walk out with one I assume. (And it would be tempting…) The space between the wires was smaller than my camera lens – this was one place where a point-and-shoot had an advantage over my SLR – so there are some odd blurs in some of the pics. A little strategic cropping took care of that, and made the composition a bit more interesting besides.


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