Jul 12 2010

Ice fishing

The more I learn about Photoshop, and the more time I spend going back to fix things I didn’t know how to do before, the more I fear I’ll never catch up with all the images I have to edit. This one is more than three years old, from the opening of the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park.

Among the festivities that lovely, warm(!) January day was a demonstration of ice carving, resulting in an ephemeral tableau of salmon swimming up a frozen stream.

As you can see, the lighting conditions for this photo were less than optimal. So the challenge was to find some way to make the final image more interesting.

This is my third major iteration with this photo, and I think third time is indeed the charm with this one. I had tried a couple of similar treatments, and after learning recently about blending modes I made one last pass at this image. I was delighted to see that it made the ice look more, uh, icy.

What'cha think?

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