Nov 22 2009

On second thought…

I realize I haven’t posted anything in a while; I’ve been busy printing tons of photos to get ready for the Temple Beth Am Chanukah Arts & Crafts Fair that was held earlier today.  Thanks to everyone who came (and bought), it was a great success!

In the process of doing all that printing, I found myself tweaking images I’d thought were done.  (“Done?”  Where’d that concept come from?)  Case in point is this one right here.

This is an image I’d actually posted earlier on this blog.  Initially it looked kind of like an impressionist painting of trees and sky.  After I’d lightened it up for printing, it recaptured the quality of reflection on the surface of the water.  So, back now to its original state with the trees at the top and the sky at the bottom.

I’m interested to hear what y’all think of this — is it better?  Does it work for you as a reflection, or should I flip it over one more time?

And then I promise, new photos…

What'cha think?

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